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No-Ego-/ or Big-Ego-Leader

If you are looking for personalities to lead a company, to development organizational units or high-performance teams, you need to answer the key-question: Do I look for the modern type of the self-reflective No-Ego Leader, or do I stick to the traditional type of the charismatic Big-Ego Leader.

Today, after 25 years of Leadership Hiring, having placed a lot modern and traditional characters, I am convinced that the No-Ego-Leader achieves significantly higher results and suits the modern world much better.

The professional knowledge to advising on the selection and hiring of successful Leaders is highly complex. On the one hand, the knowledge in matching Capabilities, Chemistry and Culture grows with continuous professional search experience, and on the other hand, this knowledge must be reviewed and adapted with the same dynamism successful Leaders are facing Change and Uncertainty in todays high-speed economy.

To significantly improve the quality and transparency of a selection decision, I use the globally leading diagnostic HOGAN Assessments.

My motives ...

The certainty that an outstanding leadership role is always attracting more than only one candidate. Finding the "not-active-looking" target-candidates is the smaller challenge in the age of constant data. Today, the core of executive search is the matching between the stakeholder's performance expectations and the potential leader's personality.

The many years of experience that the majority of these targets is responding to my initial contact. My dialogue-opener is almost always a sophisticated eye-catching job description together with a story line, that promises high recognition, irresistible challenges, headroom to decide and a vision of purpose.

The knowledge that modern diagnostic tools with a high scientific reputation always offer an increase in the quality and objectivity of a leader’s assessment. Be it cognitive performance testing or a personality assessment.

The freedom as an entrepreneur, to offer my personal experience gained as B2B consultant and service provider, in a B2C format for executives looking for the next challenge.

Match Capabilities, Chemistry and Culture. Don´t just hire. Promote with clear intention.

Hiring decisions are always complex. To strengthen your decision process and to arrive at well prepared hiring proposals, I always use the triad CAPABILITIES | CHEMISTRY | CULTURE.

What hard and soft skills does the person provide for the role: education, skills, experience, intelligence, energy level, integrity, dynamism, stress resilience, resilience, agility, ...

How does the person adapt to the specific chemistry of the team, peers, supervisors, customers, ...

How does the person fit in with the culture of the company, the leadership team, the stakeholders, the team, ...

Biografy | Portfolio

After studying law, briefly working as a lawyer and a management career in international financial services for 17 years, I have been working in executive search since 1996. As a founder and managing partner in two companies and previously as a salaried partner at the world market leader and two national champions.

In 2002 I founded ingeniam Executive Search & Human Capital Consulting GmbH & Co. KG and sold it to the current partners in 2020. Exactly matching and carefully selected candidates have had a lasting positive effect on the economic success of my clients in hundreds of search projects. Three quarters of my clients have worked with me for many years and repeatedly use my service to search self-reflective leaders who are admired for humility, who serve the cause and not their own ego.

In 2010 ingeniam became a member of IIC Partners, the world's most successful global network of owner-managed executive search companies. 2020 member of AESC, the worldwide Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants.

In 2007 I additionally founded talentwaerts kg together with my wife, Carmen Abraham. Together we used numerous Diagnostic Tools in Executive Coaching, in Management Development and Executive Team Development and advised on the recruiting decisions in Leadership Hiring. In 2014 we launched advising Executives and Top Performers as career advisors and game changers in Executive’s own Job Searches.

From 2021 on we will continue our combined service offering at talentwaerts kg. Offering Leadership Hiring & Leadership Talent-Acquisition, Executive Coaching and Diagnostics Recruiting Tools  as well as Executive Career Advice and Executive Outplacement.

University | Professional Training | Languages

Graduated in law with additional degrees in business administration and journalism at the JGU Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz

Served at the German Federal Police. Promoted to a non-active Police Commissioner after two years of training at the Federal Police Academy in Lübeck.

The English language has almost become my second mother tongue after working in London for two years. With Spanish, French and Italian I survive as a tourist.

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