I serve clients …

... in Leadership Hiring and Leadership Talent-Acquisition, finding individuals admired for humility, focusing on the mission - not on their ego.

... to significantly improve success in Executive’s personal job searches as Self-Branding Advisor

Low-Ego Leadership Hiring & Leadership-Talent Acquisition - Norbert Abraham

Leadership Hiring is a complex process. The key to successful Leadership Hiring is the ability to evaluate the candidates' personality and matching it against spirit, culture and agility of the new team. I am going the extra mile to find Heterarchical Leaders.

The Age of the Charisma Leadership Generation is approaching its dawn. Driven by their own self-importance, not accepting responsibility for failure, taking more credit for success than is fair, not listen-ing to feedback, not learning from experience, feeling entitled to their role, they have ruined many companies through bad decision making.


50 Karat+ Go-2-Job-Market Services - Norbert Abraham

The job search for a new outstanding executive role begins with the analysis of your individual competencies and the successes you have achieved so far. With an eye for matching your personality against the expectations of future stakeholders, we will tailor your CV to start the race from the pole position.

I know exactly what the readers of your application want to see and the interview partners want to hear.


Low-Ego Hiring Assessments - Norbert Abraham

The job-related personality is the only constant messure to predict leadership success in todays VUCA world. Transparent state-of-the-arts diagnostic tools and assessment methodologies help to determine a bias-free picture of a candidates personality and the likely success-curve in future roles.