Advisor Diagnostic
Recruiting Tools
– Norbert Abraham

I serve clients to generate measurable results in using diagnostic Recruiting-Tools. Neither this diagnostic tools nor artificial intelligence are able to substitue human hiring decisions today. But in any case, they improve quality and transparency. And quality hiring leads to quality organizations.

Reach out for substantial information ...

If you want to optimize HR decisions for high impact roles.

If you are looking for modern diagnostic tools in high volume preselection processes.

If you want to avoid a cost-intensive IT infrastructure of your own.

If you are looking for modern diagnostic tools at fair prices.

If you are looking for 20+ years of experience, pragmatic knowledge and a market overview in modern diagnostics.

If you want to have an advisor at your side. who is proficient in HRM topics, understands agile thinking and always has the result in focus.

The use of diagnostic tools is state-of-the-arts.

Today with great success for the fast and adaptive organizations and tomorrow with severe problems for the slow and inflexible.

I advise on the roadmap to digital transformation and better HR management decisions. With innovative eAssessments, modern SaaS processes and 360-degree tools. I help organizations to picture the path to digitization focusing on the result to gain. Only if the mountain is known the expedition should lead to, the equipment, the route and the team may be selected.

I am your advisor for diagnostic tools:

In analyzing and defining the operational benefits of diagnostic tools.

In selecting the appropriate diagnostic tools.

In implementing the operational systems.

In the digital HR transformation.

To fill the candidate pipeline using of the tools in a
smart way.